Investment solutions

Alphanect sources best-in-class private market opportunities. Take full advantage of the network effect by sharing deals with the Alphanect community.

empowering growth

Focus on the client relationship.

Alphanect accelerates the growth of your business by providing additional income streams.

Deal access

Providing access to best-in-class investment opportunities.

Due diligence

Conducting institutional-grade due diligence so that you don't have to.

Alphanect Pass

Enabling effortless investing with one-off KYC process and streamlined subscription.

Investor analytics

Delivering insight about your clients’ behavior to enable data-driven decisions.

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private market access

Partnership Revenue

One-off and recurring fee income to power the growth of your fundraising business through placing and sharing deals.

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private market access


Coverage of all asset classes in the private market universe. We are a one-stop shop.

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private market access

Curated Portfolio

Institutional-grade due diligence. World-class investment committe. Continuously updated private market opportunities.

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private market access

Hidden Champions

We focus on specialized asset managers. Superior expertise equals outstanding returns.

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Full scope of services powering your growth in Private Markets

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Fundraising strategy

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Marketing & storytelling

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Fund structuring

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Regulatory & licensing expertise